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Reservation Policy


The information below is of fundamental importance for you to have a quiet lodging (no negative surprises). Therefore, BE SURE TO READ!

• CHECK IN: 14h00min – CHECK OUT: 12h00min.
• LATE CHECK OUT RATE: The cost of 50% of the daily will be charged to stay until 21:00 in the Apt, after 21h00min, a new daily fee will be charged. CONDITION: Advance notice of 12 hours before for the reception and it is necessary to check the availability of the Hotel.
• SAFE DEPOSIT BOX: It´s free, located inside the wardrobe. HOW TO USE IT: Enter any four numbers + #. To close it and open it only four numbers. It is agreeded that for the values stored in the safe deposit box, the responsibility of the hotel in case of theft, it is limited the importance equivalent to R$ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais). To guard values above this amount, look for the manager. In case of Safe deposit box be damaged, it will be charged the fee of R$ 500.00.
• STAY ALERT! The VOLTAGE is 220 V in Natal.
• ATTENTION SMOKERS: Smoking is prohibited inside the apartment
• WHEN EXITING OF HOTEL: (01) In your staying, please leave the apartment key at the reception; if you lost it, it will be charged a fee of R$ 150.00. (02) In the evening and / or when out of hotel keep the windows and doors closed, for better security.
• INTERNET: All apartments have free wifi connection.
• FIRE BRIGADE: The elevator is next to Reception and gives access to the Restaurant and Hotel recreation area. In case of fire, use the service staircase. Do not use the elevator!
• TO ENJOY EVEN MORE YOUR VACATION!: * We have a small library with computer with wifi. We work with partnerships to TRANSFER Airport-Hotel-Airport, TOURISTIC ATTRACTIONS, RENTAL CAR, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, LAUNDRY, DISPLAYS restaurants, bars, events, pharmacies, currency exchange, ETC ... FOR THESE AND OTHER INFORMATION please contact us! * Outsourced Services * Look up for values at the reception.
• OBJECTS TO LOANS: hair dryer, electric iron, transformer, fan, dishwasher-kit and control gate; For all these items there is an individual fee in case of damage / loss.
• CLEANING SERVICE - every day from 08:00 to 18:00. You can select specific time, ask at the front desk. If you don´t want to be disturbed, use the sign "DO NOT DISTURB". The dishware is washed once daily. For each extra cleaning will be charged a fee of R$ 30.00. The trousseau (bed linen and towels) is changed EVERY OTHER DAY! Extra exchanges will be charged R$ 3,00. In case of casuality, contact the Front Desk.
• Reception - Extension 9 / Restaurant - Extension 3254 / External Links - dial 0 + phone number.
• Connections Long Distance: 0 + 15 + area code + telephone number.
• International Calls: 00 + 15 + country code + area code + telephone number.
• NOTE: Behind this page there is the cost of connection fees.
RESTAURANT – We are working only with breakfast and pool service:
• Breakfast: from 07:00 to 13:00. - Pool Service: from 07:00 ace 18:00.
POOL - Starting from 07:00 to 21h00min.
• Beach door: from 06:00 to 18h00min.
• Swimming pool towels: Each towel fee R$ 3,00. The return must be made at the reception at the same day. In case of loss or damage, the value of R$ 30,00 per unit will be charged.
RULES FOR ADMITANCE OF EXTRA PERSON – For the entry of non-registered guest at the walk in or check in will be charged a fee of R$ 150.00 per person, paid at the reception, and the permanence of Him/Her will only be allowed inside the apartment, and his/her access to other premises of the Hotel such as restaurant, swimming pool, etc. In case of overnight staying, the client must fulfill the Guest Registration Form and leave an identity document (ID, SSN or Work Permit) at the reception, which will be returned upon departure. Without proof of identity WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ENTRANCE. In any case, guests under the age 18 years old without their parents or legal guardians, will have their entrance allowed.

Thanks for your comprehension and cooperation.

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